Friday, December 8, 2017

The Healing Tree Vegan Lip Balm

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Want to talk about some Great Lip Balm this is it.. It's easy to open and to get on your lips.. It comes like this,,,
I love it on.. It comes with the other products that the company's sell.. But I love it great.. Here it looks standing up.

It's easy to open and to uses and love it.. It doesn't dry out your lips as fast as other lip balms. Here it is opened..
 My readers and followers would love to know how this work. I have many entrepreneurs on my Facebook that would love to catch a training and make sure they get everything right.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Ancor Bluetooth Speaker

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All I can say is wow when I listen to the speaker. I loved the sound and that made me feel like I was there right care.

It is an awesome sound no matter where your at in a room. I love it and enjoy it.. It came out of the box well and had no trouble.. I loved it. 
I am going to use it when I do my blogs and writing and reviewing as well as when I workout at home or even washing dishes.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Choosing a Life That Matters by Dennis Rainey

This book is awesome for any new believer as well as those who are coming back to God and are looking for some answers.

I love how the author relates this book and real life stories and stories about bible. He also goes through Life Skills and how you can use God in your every day life.
It's all about standing up for Christ and living a life through Him that keeps you ground and with this book it helps you walk through life and live it more abundantly.

The author takes a step out of his marriage counseling and makes this book more about family and how  to put God's Principles in action 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Halloween T-Shirt

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Doesn't matter what politic Party you follow this is a cute T-Shirt..
It's a Halloween shirt so whether you hate or can get with our president this a cute shirt. It does fit snuggly I did by a large and should have gone with an extra Large.
But with me loosing weight it should fit me in time. I love it and it's fun to wear and it's going to be a great Halloween shirt.

Want to know where you can get one? and you can buy your own..

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Friday, September 29, 2017

So Close to Amazing by KariAnne Wood

What a great book. Love how she adds some DIY at the end of each chapter and shares some memories as well as quotes from many people.

All I can say is wow! It's a great book and KariAnne is an awesome writer. She writes like she knows you and that trial and travels.
My favorite was her changing of her house and then buying her land and then God changes her plans and finds her house and then up roots her and she starts redecorating.
It's funny and thought provoking and one that I will use that and trying to use some of her tips and one thing that is great and easy to use.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Green Heart Garden Bypass Pruning Shears with Premium Carbon Blades and Safety Lock

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What a great pair of shears. I love them Cut down some of the small trees and weeds in our yard. It came like this

 In a nice neat box wrapped in plastic. It has a safety lock so that small kids can't use them and get cut.

Showing the back and front locked  so that way you can see them both. So that you can see they are locked and no little hands can get into them.

Here they are unlocked.
Let me tell you they cut down little trees and big weeds and make your yard look so much better. I plan to use them to finish the side of my apartment and get all spruced up for fall and winter.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

HSI Flat Iron

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Something I needed but never wanted to buy and I finally got to review it, A Flat Iron. I have natural wavy hair.

As you can tell. I did try it on some of my hair and not all of it but this is how it turned out..
See how it is a little flatter and smoother. It came from this Item and I am enjoying and loving it.

These are them an I am excited to have them and will be using them in the future. They are great and will be using it when I go out some place fancy or too convention or any place else that makes me feel awesome.

Would you like one?

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