Friday, December 30, 2016

Bluetooth Head phone

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 It came in a nice case and is easy to insert and use. It even has a neat charger to use.
It's small and compatible with any computer or any USB drive. I really enjoy using this item.
I have used it when I ran the other day and did 1.5 miles and it didn't fall out or loose signal at all.. I even called my hubby when I ran because I wanted to check on him and he could hear me clearly.
I even used it today working out with weights and it worked fine. I will be using each time I do work out and when I am working from home as to call and talk to others and build relationships and contacts.

It is a great item to use for working out as well as working from home.

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Core Fitness Resistance Bands

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First I want to thank Core Fitness Zone for letting me review theses for them. I love them already can's wait to use them to work out. 

 This is how it came when I took it out of the box.. I can't believe all the stuff packed into it.. It came with 5 bands all with different pound weights with the red being the heaviest and Yellow being the lightest.

I worked out with them for a few minutes and showed it on my you tube

This is how they came when I first opened them.

They are great for anyone to use.. I did my workout and put them back in the bag and this is how they looked.

Everything packed away so neatly. I don't believe it and easy to put away. 

If you would like to  purchase a set go to: and purchase they are reasonable and great for any home gym.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Compression Gloves

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I got these a few days ago.

 They looked good in the packages so I thought this look like something I could wear. This is they way they look outside the package.
 They are very stretchable and easy to put on. I did try them on and they felt good to and not hurting at all like most things that are compression stuff.

I can use them when I type as well as when I could and do workouts.. I am excited to have them. 

If you would like a pair go to:

Purchase them they are very reasonable. I would recommend to everyone.

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