Sunday, January 1, 2017

60 Day of Happiness - Discovering God's Promise of Relentless Joy

I love this book.. Randy Alcorn is a great author and can bring this book to life.  Got this the other day and started diving into it.. I am just in the first few days and I can say wow. God is in this book.

I like the 1st day when he talks about why we all need happiness. He tells the story about the Shawshank Redemption and how God uses it as a way of happiness for the guy. I also like that each reading ends in prayer and starts out with verses.

I skimmed through the chapters to write this review but going to read each chapter and divulge into discovering God's Promise of relentless joy.

That by reading this book you can discover that God has his joy for you and that you are able to use it and reach out to others about how his joy is in you and how they can have it too.

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