Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Aulker K6 Mono Over-Ear Bluetooth

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Something I have been needing for a long time a new bluetooth. The sound is awesome at 1st a bit jumbled and mixed up. But once you listened had it on it's clear and sounds awesome.

It comes in this cool box. I liked it and it was very easy to open up. It also comes with accessories.
 Which is neat. In the White bag is the charger cord and in the clear is another earphone and attachment to use it in both ears. It also comes with extra earpieces in case the one your are wearing gets dirty or you loose it.

Hear it is charging. The silver piece is the on and off swtich as well as redial and speak to your phone. Which I think is cool. It also has volume control on the side to up and down.

To show how much I like this. I wore this today at breakfast.
I am excited that I got a chance to review this.

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