Friday, November 18, 2016

Secret Shopper Scam

I am going to tell you about a Scam that I thought it was legit and found out it wasn't. Most of us are in need of money..

So I thought I got an email that I thought was legit. Boy I was wrong. It came from Secret shopper with the information. Walmart needs shoppers.

It was from checked that email out after I received everything and made a phone call to the company which was in Minnesota not in Washington as the envelope says, Or the Rhode Island Credit Union Check or the phone from Montana.

That is when I got suspecious and did my checking in. There is no water mark on the check either. Police Checked it. I went to the Post Office and the Police. All assuring me that I did the right thing.

Be on the look out Friends..
This is the envelope. The number on the side is from the actual Secret Shoppers Website.
This is the Check that came in the envelope. No watermark.

This is the letter it came with out the number on the bottom to check it out is a text message number only.

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